2017 Specialty Act – Dusta Lee Kimzey

Dusta Lee Kimzey has been trickriding since she was 12 years old.  Under the talented instruction of trickriding legend Karen Vold, she was able to hone her skills and work her first professional rodeo at the age of 15.  She has been featured in multiple movies and is most known for her stunt work in the movies Cowgirls N Angels.  Outside of trickriding, Dusta also runs barrels professionally and is known for her aggressive and acrobatic style in that she has done all of that while attending Southwestern Oklahoma State University on a rodeo scholarship and graduating with a doctorate in pharmacy.

Here is a link to a video – Click Here to Watch the Video

2017 Announcer – Randy Taylor

Randy Taylor’s journey into the sports entertainment business has been life long, both challenging and rewarding. As a youngster, he was selling popcorn and peanuts while his dad was racing. He learned much assisting the University of Wyoming rodeo club with production of one of the best NIRA rodeos in the nation. He has also produced events in large venues including Professional Rodeo, Bull Riding and Motor Sports.

After his first broadcasting class Randy knew he wanted to be an announcer. For years after each bareback horse he would gather his equipment, ice his elbow and listen to every word of every announcer he could, all over the United States, Canada and even Australia. Now, Randy is  blessed to announce over 100 performances a year, which he has been doing for over a decade.

On the home side, Randy resides in South Dakota with his wife Carmen and boys Zachary and Branson, and their new baby girl, Raelynn Rose.

Randy likes to laugh and entertain. He likes sports and the drama that unfolds during each performance. Randy believes in capitalism. The sports entertainment world is the epitome of the American way. If we do a good job with sponsors, clowns and contestants, they advance, we succeed and obtain a return customer and increase ticket sales. When a man or a woman steps into the ring he knows what it took to get them there – the production, practice, miles and “the horsepower.” Every time the gate cracks or the flag drops it’s game on, it entertains him and makes it easy for him to entertain you.

Randy believes that the best experience is always the people we get to deal with that influence us with their individual prowess. He is enthralled to share different view points from individuals he meets that are major league. In addition to live audiences, studio voice and broadcasting are of special interest. Randy is the host for “Word With A Champ” radio show launched July 4, 2011 on national radio network NV1.

2017 Rodeo Clown – Scott Cameron

Scott was raised in Golden, Colorado.  He began riding bulls in High School and with encouragement or friends, he began fighting bulls in late 1986 after completing a bullfighting school.  Scott attended a second school in November of that same year and in 1987 was chosen to fight bulls at the Little Britches National Finals and the Colorado High School State Finals.  He was awarded alternate bullfighter for the Colorado State Rodeo Association.

In 1988, Scott joined the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and worked rodeos throughout the Northwest and several in Eastern Colorado.  Thereafter, he was chosen to fight the PRCA Mountain States Circuit Finals (1988, 1994, and 1997) and the Wilderness Circuit Finals (1996), as well as the 1991 Coors Showdown in Scottsdale, Arizona. Scott performed as the rodeo clown at the Montana Circuit Finals in 2005 and the Professional Bull RidersWorld Finals in 2006.

Since that time, adorned in his trademark colors of purple and black,  Scott has expanded his performances to include comedy acts.  He has performed as far away as Mount Aso, Japan; Helsinki, Finland; Lima, Peru; and Paris, France. In 2009 performed with Rodeo Europe Tour in Spain, including Madrid, Valincia, Porta Santa Maria, Marbella, Castellon, Guadalajara  and Logrono.

The question Scott’s often asked is, “Aren’t you scared?”  His answer is, “Sure I’m scared, but you have to keep it in perspective.  As far as I know, there’s not one carnivorous bull in the whole world.  So, they might kill ya, but they can’t eat ya!”